So What Does This Have To Do With Fair Trade?

One would think that for my first post for Fair Trade Mission, I would talk about fair trade.  Well, yes that makes sense.  Fair trade is all about giving people the means to take care of themselves.  That is why I decided to post this press release about a young girl’s urgent need in hopes that some folks see it and decide to help give Dannika the opportunity for a future.  She is a big hearted, talented girl, but she needs your help.  Please keep reading.

Local Young Woman Has Desperate Medical Need


Saint Augustine, Florida, May 3, 2010

Have you ever had that nightmare where all of your teeth start crumbling and falling out of your mouth?  That horror is a reality for Dannika White.  Dannika was born with the genetic disorder, Amelogenesis Imperfecta (AI). AI causes abnormal enamel formation, and can have varying degrees of affect on those afflicted with it.  Unfortunately, Dannika has a very severe form of the disorder. She has had 18 surgeries since her infancy simply to maintain a low level of oral function.  The oral surgeries and dentistry are no longer maintaining her fragile teeth.  Her teeth are cracking and breaking into shards. They have incurred dangerous infections that threaten her life.  She can no longer chew food and is in constant, debilitating pain.

Dannika needs oral surgery immediately.  She needs to have all of her teeth removed, her infections treated, her bones seeded to prevent collapse, and dentures implanted.  Because amelogenesis imperfecta is such a rare genetic disorder, very few oral surgeons have experience in treating it.  Dannika has found an experienced Oral Surgeon, Dr. Gregory Oxford, in Saint Augustine, who has developed a treatment plan for her. Though Dr. Oxford has generously discounted his work, the first phase of the treatment has a cost of nearly $7,000.

Dannika is a high school student. She does not qualify for health insurance, Medicaid is not accepted by the Oxford Dental Group, and she has been turned down for lines of credit.  She is in desperate need of these surgeries, but has no way to pay for it.

If you can help Dannika please go to and click on the PayPal donation button.

you in advance for your incredible generosity. Together we will provide a healthy life for Dannika.

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