A Fair Trade Alliance

Raise your hand if you love Twitter! My hand is up and waving frantically and this is why.
I have met the most wonderful people (or tweeple in the twitter vernacular) in 140 characters or less. I just have to tell you about a couple of them because they are just that awesome.
Several weeks ago I began communicating with Eileen at Scarlet Threads. I have one of their aprons right here that was made using fair labor practices by a Chinese woman living in a very poor village. I bought the apron (and we sell their aprons and dresses now too) because I knew that she would be paid a living wage and it would help her family out of poverty. I also bought it because it’s adorable! Through Scarlet Threads I have become acquainted with Delicate Fortress, NYC Fair trade, Craft Hope, 7 Hopes United and other wonderful fair trade organizations. We are loosely (emphasis on loosely) organized in a fair trade alliance.
I’m excited about this because I know that together we can accomplish so much more than we can separately. Case in point…. Many of us are pulling together to help Delicate Fortress and Craft Hope make maternal birth kits for mothers in Haiti. You can read about the project on the Delicate Fortress blog. For our part Fair Trade Mission will buy a kit for every $25 someone spends on our website. Our profit margins are very small, so the cost of each kit will in most cases exceed by half what our usual profit would be. Of course if you prefer, you can go directly to Delicate Fortress Creations and buy the kits there. But if you need a gift, coffee,chocolate or tea anyway I hope you will consider making the purchase at Fair Trade Mission. Together (in alliance) we can make a difference in Haiti.

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